Bright Star - Lighthawk

Xenon or LED Handheld Search Light

Bright Star Lighthawk Search LightBright Star Lighthawk Search Light


Extremely lightweight lantern, just 0.86kg!

Highly Visible - Flashing LED Tail Lights

On the rear the Lighthawk has 4 pulsing white and red LED tail lights. The LED lights are designed for maximum visibility in hazy and smoky conditions.

Superior Durability

The Lighthawk has proved it's self to be incredibly reliable, and highly durable. The Lighthawk is constructed from super tough chemical and heat resistant nylon. Both the Lighthawk LED and Lighthawk MAX have a Life Time Warranty.


An IP67 enclosure means the Lighthawk is totally waterproof. It can be submerged to 1ft for 24hr. It even floats!


Lighthawk comes with docking station style charging base. Charging base is wall and vehicle mountable. The torch can be charged from both AC and 12/24 DC supplies.

Powerful, Cuts through smoke and fog

Bright Star torches are fitted with a deep-dish reflector. This optimizes the light output by collecting it and throwing it downstream. The piercing beam is ideal for cutting through smoke or fog.

Battery Status Indicator

Battery light illuminates to let you know you have 30mins of power remaining.

Articulating Head

Fixed or articulating head. Durable ratchet-hinged articulating head rotates 90 degrees.

Ergonomic design

Sleek compact design with strategically placed on/off switch for ease of use. Switch is inset to avoid accidental switching. Ergonomic handle designed to fit the largest gloved hand.

Lithium Ion Battery

The lithium battery ensures unwavering brightness throughout the charge period.

LightHawk MAX (Xenon Bulb)

Available Colours: Yellow, Orange, Black

A lightweight, high performance lantern equipped with highly visible taillights - a solutions-based tool that meets the of needs of a wide range of Firefighters, Police, Ambulance, Public Safety, Utility and other Emergency Services professionals.

Bright Star Lighthawk AC and DC Charging Base Lighthawk has an articulating head Lighthawk MAX available in orange, yellow and black FoxFury Rook MD1 Strike Bezel

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Lighthawk LED

Available Colours: Yellow, Hi-Vis Green

Maintaining all of the features of the Lighthawk MAX, Bright Star has developed an LED model that uses State-of-the-art LED technology. Its beam exhibits a sharp & crisp light output that is easy on the eyes, throws light at a distance unmatched by any other of its type on the market & provides longer burn time making it a great lighting source to have for those longer-than-expected situations!

Bright Star Lighthawk AC and DC Charging Base Lighthawk has an articulating head Lighthawk has rear flashing LEDs FoxFury Rook MD1 Strike Bezel Lighthawk has rear flashing LEDs

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There is a durability test that is conducted on the light body and lens assembly prior to the IP testing. This involves the product being heated to 150°C for 30 days, and then frozen at -25°C for 10 days. The light is removed from the freezer and a 1KG weight is dropped onto the centre of the lens to try and break it. The significance of the temperature cycling is to simulate a 20-year plastic aging process. The lens assembly (made from Polycarbonate Lexan material) passes this test with no difficulty.

The Lighthawk has been designed and built to meet IP67 standards. (IP-67 is an international waterproof and dust proof specification - as used in ATEX and other directives).


With regards to temperature - the LightHawk is designed to be a fire fighters primary light. The light has a high heat rating. In the United States the light needs to function at high temperatures. Specifically, fire fighters are protected at 150°C for 40 minutes. The Lighthawk survives this and more. One of the primary requirements was that it will notmelt.

Lighthawk Taillights

The unique "Piercing Pattern Signalling Lights" have 2 elements:-

(1). The Lighthawks Taillights are Red and White. RED is used because the human eye sees RED very efficiently - unlike the BLUE colour used on other lights. Signalling lights are used in order to be seen. For example, when a fire fighter enters a smoky room or when a police officer is directing traffic on a rainy night. We think it's best to give the eye a wavelength it sees best in order to be seen quickest and most clearly.

(2). The LED's flash at 100 pulses a minute - the exact frequency needed for the human subconscious mind to notice it. Result - without thinking about it, your eyes are "drawn" to the Lighthawk's Piercing Pattern.

Lighthawk MAX and LED Technical Specifications

  Lighthawk MAX Lighthawk LED
Light Output 264 Lumens 147.1 Lumens
Light Source Xenon Bulb LED, Luxeon ‘Rebel’
Burntime 3 hours (4-cell) 4 hours (6-cell) 7 hours
Charging AC & 12/24DC AC & 12/24DC
Battery Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Battery Life 500 cycles 500 cycles
Bulb Life 100 hours 30,000 + hours
Construction Super tough chemical and heat resistant nylon Super tough chemical and heat resistant nylon
Colour Yellow, Orange or Black Yellow or High Vis Green
Certification UL Certified:
Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D
Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G
NFPA 1901
Pending approval
Weight 1.9lb / 0.86kg 1.9lb / 0.86kg
Size 250mm x 130mm x 80mm 250mm x 130mm x 80mm
Ingress Protection IP67, Waterproof 24hours at 1ft IP67, Waterproof 24hours at 1ft
Bright Star Lighting
Fire resistant lighthawk.
This product is lightweight
This product is totally waterproof
This product is impact resistant.

Lighthawk Reviews

Bill Taylor - Technical and Equipment Officer, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

"We searched the market for a reliable, high performing light which incorporated LED and Lithium-ion technology. The Lighthawk was tested against several other competitive models. After extensive trials we chose the Bright Star Lighthawk LED from CFM Services due to its excellent performance, durability, piercing beam and competitive price. The Lighthawk is now our standard light for all our main line appliances."

Steve Farnsworth - General Manager Fleet, East Midlands Ambulance Service

"Two years ago we chose the Lighthawk LED Lantern for our Accident & Emergency Ambulances and support vehicles. It has proved a good choice and several hundred units are now in service within the fleet. Our front line users are very pleased with the ease of use, performance and power output. The Lighthawk has also proved to be incredibly reliable with not one failure to date. We will continue to fit the Lighthawk LED Lantern to all our new build vehicles."

David Holmes - Fleet Services, Great Western Ambulance Service

"Great Western Ambulance Service needed to improve on the quality of the torches that it provided to its staff. In 2007 a review of rechargeable torches available to the emergency services was undertaken and as a result the Lighthawk Lantern was selected as the torch of choice. Since that time the Lighthawk has been included in the specification for every vehicle procured by the Trust. It has proven to be robust, reliable, powerful and fit-for-purpose and very much established as an essential part of our everyday Ambulance equipment. From a Fleet prospective it is a "fit and forget" piece of equipment"

Paul Edwards - Edwards Diving Services Ltd

"We have used the Lighthawk lantern in extremely challenging environments underground, when quality and reliability of our kit is paramount to the safe conclusion of the work being carried out. The lights are powerful, robust and even tell you beforehand that they will need charging in the next 30 minutes, they are proving to be a very good investment."

Graham Cann - Regional Head of Fleet, West Midlands Ambulance Service.

“Since 2008 all WMAS ambulances and support vehicles have been fitted with the Bright Star Searchlight. Recently we have chosen the latest, more efficient Lighthawk LED. The performance, ease of operation and reliability has been superb and has proved an excellent choice for our fleet”.

CFM Services are lighting contractors to the coastguard

The Lighthawk LED is used by the UK Coastguard. CFM Services are the lighting contractor to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Lighthawk LED searchlights on charge ready for action at Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue’s base since 2009