Bright Star - Responder Right Angle

Right-angled, AA alkaline or lithium-ion rechargeable torch for firemen made by Bright Star.

Bright Star Responder Right Angle

Bright Star Lighting Products, a recognised leader in the manufacture of Intrinsically Safe portable lighting, has announced the introduction of the new Right Angle LED flashlight. Bright Star has drawn on its history, to develop this innovative and exciting new product, designed specifically for the First Responder markets.

Long run times, rapid charge intervals, as well as a slim line reflector/optical design, offer a piercing beam with the ability to cut through the heaviest smoke. This product is designed to meet and exceed the challenges facing today's Fire Fighters, while providing the performance and reliability, which is synonymous with the Bright Star name.

High Durability

The Responder RA is an extremely durable right-angled fireman’s LED torch built to withstand the most abusive of environments.

Ergonomic design

Knurled design allows for a maximum grip and an over-sized push button makes operation easy, even for gloved hands. The Right Angle is slim and compact to keep it close to your body.

Optional rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

The responder has an interchangeable power supply, either rechargeable lithium-Ion or AA alkaline. Lithium-ion batteries reduce the overall weight and are more reliable than traditional Ni-Cad batteries. The RA also has a LED charge status indicator.

Advanced optic technology

The anti-glare, wide eye lens generates a powerful 165-lumen beam designed to cut through smoke and fog.

Bright Star Lighthawk AC and DC Charging Base Lighthawk has an articulating head Lighthawk MAX available in orange, yellow and black

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Responder Right-angle Technical Specifications

  Rechargeable Standard
Light Output 165 Lumen / 35,000 Cd 165 Lumen / 35,000 Cd
Beam Distance 374m 374m
Light Source LED LED
Battery Single Lithium-Ion 18650 cell, 2600mAh capacity 6 x AA Alkaline
Run Time 4hr 15hr
Waterproof Depth of 1m Depth of 1m
Impact Resistant Height of 1m Height of 1m
Length 6.4cm 6.4cm
Width 7.6cm 7.6cm
Height 17.8cm 17.8cm
Safety rating UL 913 CSA C22.2 No 157 Intrinsically Safe Class I , II , III Div I Groups A - G Class I , II , III Div II Groups A - G UL 913 CSA C22.2 No 157 Intrinsically Safe Class I , II , III Div I Groups A - G Class I , II , III Div II Groups A - G
Temperature class T3 T3
Bright Star Lighting
Fire resistant lighthawk.
This product is lightweight
This product is totally waterproof
This product is impact resistant.

Bright RA Responder Rechargeable in Charger

Above - rechargeable lithium-ion Right Angle in wall mountable charging dock.