Bright Star - WorkSafe

Hand-held Safety Approved Torches. Models: 2117/2217, 2124/2224 and 2206

bright star worksafe waterproof floating safety lantern

Built for Industry

WorkSafe safety torches are used by industry throughout the world. Those industries include petrochemical, off shore oil and gas and shipping.

Explosion Proof

These Division 1 UL and CUL approved Bright Star WorkSAFE torches are designed to be incapable of producing a spark in the presence of combustible materials.

Budget Cost

Bright Star's WorkSAFE series are the lowest priced Class 1, Division 1 rated lights in the world.


The torches feature unbreakable lenses, essential to withstand inevitable knocks, together with a crush-resistant polypropylene case.

WorkSAFE 2117 & 2124

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Bright Star Worksafe 2217 Bright Star Worksafe 2224

These two WorkSAFE models have been created to allow bulk purchase with no compromise on performance. Available in boxes of 12, the flashlights are very sturdy and adhere to the highest of safety standards (see 'Safety Approvals', right). Moulded in 'international safety orange', each model features a circuit-breaking mechanism and the option of intermittent light.

Model 2217 is 20.6 cm / 8.1 in. long and requires two D-Cell batteries, emitting 10,000 candlepower.

Model 2224 is 25.1 cm / 10.2 in. long and requires three D-Cell batteries, emitting 15,000 candlepower.

-WorkSAFE 2217 & 2224, Waterproof

These WorkSAFE torches are identical to the models above (WorkSAFE 2117 & 2124), with the additional quality of being fully waterproof. All other features are as described above.

WorkSAFE 2206

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Bright Star Worksafe 2206

Featuring an oversized reflector and a super bright Krypton bulb for greater light output, the model 2206 is over 3x as bright as the 2224. Powered by an alkaline or carbon zinc 6-volt battery, D-cell conversion is also available. The torch also features a glove-sized handle, switch guard and spare bulb holder. Safety approved to a high standard (see 'Safety Approvals', right) its waterproof, floatable design makes it ideal for places where water is a concern.

WorkSafe Technical Specifications

  WorkSafe 2117 / 2217 WorkSafe 2124 / 2224 WorkSafe 2206
Power Source: 2 x D-cell Batteries 3 x D-cell Batteries Alkaline or Carbon Zinc 6V Battery
Bulb: PR-2 PR-3 KPR-113
Bulb Life: 15 Hours 15 Hours 15 Hours
Light Output: 10,000 Beam Candlepower 15,000 Beam Candlepower 50,000 Beam Candlepower
Weight (Without batteries): 130g 170g 397g
Length: 20.6 cm / 8.1 in. 25.1 cm / 10.2 in. 20.9 cm / 8.2 in.
Width: 5.8 cm / 2.3 in. 5.8 cm / 2.3 in. 12.4cm / 12.4 in.
Lens: Unbreakable Tuflexx® Unbreakable Tuflexx® Unbreakable Tuflexx®
Body: Polypropylene(Safety Orange) Polypropylene(Safety Orange) Polypropylene(Safety Orange)

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Fire resistant lighthawk.
This product is lightweight
This product is totally waterproof
This product is impact resistant.

Safety Approvals

WorkSafe Torches are designed for use in potentially explosive environments. Each light has been individually tested and certified for use in various hazardous locations. Safety approvals below:

WorkSafe - 2217 & 2224

UL/CUL Class 1, Div I, Group C & D
Class II, Div I, Group G
Class III
Operating Temp T5
ASTM & MSHA Approved

WorkSafe - 2206

UL/CUL Class 1, Div I, Group C & D
Class II, Div I, Group G
Operating Temp T3
Class I Zone I Group IIB & IIA
MSHA Approved

WorkSafe Technical Data Sheets

Snap-in Wands

Snap-in wands available for the WorkSafe torches

Yellow and Red "snap-in" wands are available. Snap in wands fit the Bright Star WorkSafe and Industrial safety torches.