Bynolyt Searanger Binoculars

Floating Marine Binocular with Built-in Compass

SeaRanger II

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Bynolyt Searanger II Binocular As used by the RNLI

The SeaRanger II is a fully waterproof 7 x 50 binocular for marine use. With an integrated illuminated compass and built-in height/distance scale, the SeaRanger is a superb aid to marine navigation. Floatable, it comes with a bright yellow light-weight strap and is made of non-slip rubber.

SeaRanger III

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Bynolyt Searanger III Binocular

The Bynolyt SeaRanger III is an improved version of the original SeaRanger II. The SeaRanger III has larger lenses to allow in more light, resulting in a clearer, higher quality image. The SeaRanger III is used by mariners and also by professional and commercial end-users. The SeaRanger is waterproof and has been proven useful in applications such as CBRN and Hazmat applications.

SeaRanger IV

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Bynolyt Searanger IV Binocular Bynolyt Searanger IV Binocular

The SeaRanger IV has the same optical specifications as the SeaRanger III but with the addition of a digital compass. The display shows course and bearing (tolerance +/-3°) digitally in steps of 1°. The internal LED screen also shows a graphic view of the 8 compass points. The LED screen displays the binoculars forward and backward angle of inclination (max 60°). The tilt compensation feature allows the binocular to be used forward/back +/-60° and sideways +/- 45°.

Comparison Chart

SeaRanger II SeaRanger III SeaRanger IV
Magnification: 7x50 7x50 7x50
Field of View @ 1000m: 122m 126m 126m
Eye relief: 18mm 23mm 23mm
Exit Pupil: 7.14mm 7.14mm 7.2mm
Brightness: 85 85 85
Close focus: 10m 10m 10m
Compass: Liquid Filled Liquid Filled Digital
Weight: 1100g 1150g 1150g
Dimensions: 174x184mm 190x190mm 200 x190mm
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Bynolyt Observation 20x100 binocular also available.

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