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Eflare LED Safety Beacons

The World’s Most Advanced Intrinsically Safe Beacons

Now with a FIVE year warranty

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The Eflare warning beacon is ideal for the Emergency Services, Industry, Utilities and many other applications providing a quick and easy, highly visible warning or safety zone. Eflare Safety Beacons are available in a variety of colours and a number of flashing or steady on modes.

Highly Visible

The Eflare Safely Beacon is a non-strobe, portable, highly visible warning light used by industries and organisations around the world. The Eflare Warning Beacons have a unique Light Beam Profile enabling maximum visibility, find out more here.

User Friendly

All the Eflare safety beacons are user friendly, easily stored, easily activated, lightweight and durable. They are available in a variety of one or two colour light combinations. You can chose between steady on or flashing. With the correct accessory the Eflare can be easily attached to clothing, vehicles, cones and bollards.

Multi Functional

The Eflare LED warning beacon has many applications including: Transport, Automotive, Adventure, Industrial, Emergency Services, Marine, Aviation and Military. The Eflare is perfect for lighting emergency landing strips.

State of the Art

It uses fast flash rate, high luminosity LEDs and a patented Fresnel lens to provide maximum visibility. The Eflare was initially developed to replace chemical flares that were expensive, non-reusable and a potential workplace hazard.

Safety Approved

It is HAZMAT accredited for use in Class 1, Division 2 / ATEX Zone 2 hazardous areas. Unlike pyrotechnic flares there is no risk of fire or explosion and there are no toxic fumes or residue.

Eflare Technical Specifications

We have selected some of the most popular Eflare beacons and listed the technical specifications below. Click on the model numbers to reveal each specification.

Model: HZ510

Body Color:Yellow | View Photo
Number of LEDs:8
Color Options:Red / Amber / Green / Blue / White
Candela:up to 30
Flash Rate:165 - 185 flashes/minute
Battery Type:2 D Cell Alkaline (Not included)
Battery Life:40 hours
Weight:450g inc Batteries
Height:20 cm

Model: HZ530

Body Color:Yellow
Number of LEDs:4 + 4 (Dual Flashing)
Color Options:Red/Blue, Red/White, Red/Amber, Amber/ White
Blue/White, Green/White, Red/Green
Candela:up to 24
Flash Rate:280 - 320 flashes/minute
Battery Type:2 D Cell Alkaline (Not included)
Battery Life:40 hours
Weight:250g inc Batteries
Height:20 cm

Model: EF350

Body Color:Yellow | View Photo
Number of LEDs:4
Color Options:Red / Amber
Candela:up to 24
Flash Rate:165 - 185 flashes/minute
Battery Type:4 x AA Cell Alkaline (Not included)
Battery Life:30 hours
Weight:250g inc Batteries
Height:14.5 cm

Eflare Accessories

As you can see below there are a number of useful accessories available to fit all Eflare models. Download the Eflare Accessories Sheet for more info.

Rubber Base

Eflare Rubber Base Accessory

Floating Coller

Eflare Floating Coller Accessory

Magnetic Base

Eflare Magnetic Base Accessory

Cone Clip

Eflare Cone Clip Accessory

Suction Clip

Eflare Suction Clip Accessory

Magnetic Clip

Eflare Magnetic Clip Accessory

Aviation Base also available, a more robust version of the rubber base. Designed with helicopter landing in mind but equally as useful when extra stability is needed

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40hr Burn Time
This product is Intrinsically Safe
This product is all weather resistant
This product is impact resistant.

ATEX Approved

All Eflare Safety Beacons are now ATEX Certified

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Emergency Services Kit

Eflare Emergency Services Kit

We offer an Eflare kit for the Emergency Services. This is usually stored on an emergency response vehicle and used by the police, fire or ambulance services. A standard kit consists of:

  • 6 x Eflare Beacons
  • 6 x Rubber Bases
  • 6 x Cone Clips
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Which Eflare is best for me?

We have a wide range of Eflare Safety Beacons available. They are categorised in the following way.

    2. Two Alternate Flashing Colours

  • Model: HZ530 - Available in Red/Blue, Red/White, Red/Amber, Amber/White, Blue/White, Green/White and Red/Green
    Download info

    3. Single Colour Steady On

  • Model: HZ520 - Available in Red, Amber, Blue, Green and White

  • Model: IR520 - Infrared
    Download info

    4. Single Flashing Colour or Steady On White Torch Light

  • Model: TF510 - Available in Red, Amber, Blue and Green
    Download info

    5. Two Independent Colours (one at a time) Steady On

  • Model: EF521 - Only available in Red/Green

    6. Two Directional Colours Steady On

  • Model: EF550 - Only available in Red/Green