Eflare TB10

Flashing LED Beacon for Road Safety Warning Triangle

Eflare LED Flashing LED Safety Triangle Eflare TB10 in Road Safety Triangle

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The TB10 from Eflare is a compact, highly visible flashing LED beacon designed to fit into most red reflective warning triangles. This LED beacon converts a standard hazard waring triangle into a flashing LED triangle warning light. The Eflare TB10 strobe improves visibility and safety for car and lorry drivers during a breakdown or accident. The Eflare TB10 is available with either red or amber warning lights.


Eflare TB10 Technical Specifications

Body Color:Yellow
Number of LEDs:3
LED Color Options:Red / Amber
Candela:30 (Red), 40 (Amber)
Flash Rate:165 - 185 flashes/minute
Battery Type:AA Alkaline (Not included)
Battery Life:25 hours
Weight:100g inc Batteries

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Which Eflare is best for me?

We have a wide range of Eflare Safety Beacons available (see main Eflare page for more information). They are categorised in the following way.

    2. Two Alternate Flashing Colours

  • Model: HZ530 - Available in Red/Blue, Red/White, Red/Amber, Amber/White, Blue/White, Green/White and Red/Green
    Download info

    3. Single Colour Steady On

  • Model: HZ520 - Available in Red, Amber, Blue, Green and White

  • Model: IR520 - Infrared
    Download info

    4. Single Flashing Colour or Steady On White Torch Light

  • Model: TF510 - Available in Red, Amber, Blue and Green
    Download info

    5. Two Independent Colours (one at a time) Steady On

  • Model: EF521 - Only available in Red/Green

    6. Two Directional Colours Steady On

  • Model: EF550 - Only available in Red/Green

    7. Flashing Triangle Light

  • Model: TB10 - Available in Red/Amber