FoxFury Nomad PRIME

LED Remote Area Light and Spot Light

FoxFury Nomad 4000 Remote Area Light


The system folds into a compact tube that is lightweight enough to transport anywhere using its shoulder strap. This portable light can go anywhere, including rough terrain and is usable in all weather and is impact resistant.


The Nomad can quickly and easily illuminate an area or a scene where power is unavailable. It is charged from either an AC or DC supply.

State of the Art

The Nomad uses the latest CREE LED technology and is as bright as your car headlamps offering a maximum of PRIME Lumens output. It can be seen from over 1 mile away! Fully extended the Nomad reaches 94" (2.39 metres) in height.
The head rotates 340° and adjusts up and down.

Designed for the Emergency Services

The Nomad is ideal for rapid response applications when area or spot lighting is needed urgently where no power source is available. It has been designed with the Emergency Services in mind. Applications include Fire Investigation, Search & Rescue, Police (Accident Scene Investigation, CBRN, Security, Forensic, Emergency Response Teams etc), Industrial and Maintenance applications and many more.

To find out more about the FoxFury Nomad PRIME watch this short demonstration video.

You can also download the product specification sheet from here.

FoxFury Nomad 4000 FoxFury Nomad 4000 deployed FoxFury Nomad 4000 tilting head FoxFury Nomad 4000 twisting head FoxFury Nomad 4000 with diffuser attached FoxFury Nomad 4000 with diffuser removed Showing the different set up stages for the Nomad 4000 Nomad 4000 deployed by soldier Nomad 4000 used by fireman in the fire service Showing the different set up stages for the Nomad 4000 Nomad 4000 deployed by soldier Nomad 4000 used by fireman in the fire service

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FoxFury Nomad PRIME Technical Specifications

Light Output:Up to 4,000 lumen
Application: 8° spotlight or scene light
Distance vision: up to 1.1 mi (2 km)
Protection: All-weather and Impact resistant
Weight: 7.7 kg / 17.0 lbs
Diameter (closed position): 11.7 cm / 4.6"
Length (closed position): 83.9 cm / 33.0"
Max Height (when deployed): 239 cm / 94"
Construction:Nylon 66 body with 6061-T6 aluminium head,
stainless steel telescoping tube.
Battery:Rechargeable lithium-ion 200Wh
Battery Life: Low Intensity: 24 h (500 lumen)
Medium Intensity: 9 h (1300 lumen)
High Intensity: 3 h (4000 lumen)
Blinker: 9 h (4000 lumen)
Recharge Time:Approximatley 8 h
Operating Temperature:-10°C to 149°C
FoxFury Lighting Logo
FoxFury Nomad is rated at PRIME lumens.
This product has CREE LED's
This product is all weather resistant
This product is impact resistant.

Nomad PRIME Reviews

humberside police logo

CBRN Unit - Humberside Police.

"In the past we have ordered Lighthawk LED Lanterns and Razor intrinsic LED torches for all our Hazardous Environment and confined space work due to finding them to be very robust, reliable, powerful and fit-for-purpose. When CFM first came to us to demonstrate the FoxFury Nomad LED Spotlight we expected it would be of a good quality but now we have them in force we have been amazed at how good they really are.
Their rapid deployment, robustness and powerful illumination are great attributes when first arriving at a remote rural scene. Their portable design has eliminated many storage problems and removed unwanted cabling and battery packs. The simple, easy deployment method enables us to react immediately and not waste effort and time trying to deploy a lighting solution before we can safely begin work. We actively use the FoxFury in many of our specialist operations."

Simon Edwards - Collision Investigation Unit, Gloucestershire Constabulary

"The Nomad lights have proved to be very useful. They are small enough to easily fit three in the collision Investigation car. Quick and easy to put up, and on lowest power last for several hours. The light is consistent and well balanced for digital photography. The units are very robust and have performed well in snow and heavy rain. We have seen considerable cost savings, as we have been able to light small crash scenes using just the Nomads, rather than call out our full flood-lighting vehicle and trailer, which requires two officers to operate."

Martin Cuffe - Scenes of Crimes Dept, Forensic Services, Gloucestershire Constabulary

"The NOMAD lighting units have been a great addition to our scene lighting equipment and we have found it to be an excellent and reliable piece of kit. The compact design makes storage and transportation of these devices easy and has allowed our SOCOs to carry their own lighting systems with them to a scene, rather than having to call out a lighting trailer. We have deployed these lights at a range of indoor and outdoor scenes and have found the evenly distributed white light suitable for lighting a scene to aid in digital photography. We have found is especially useful in the 360 degree photography of dark indoor scenes, where flash cannot be used. All our SOCOs have been really impressed with the quality and performance of these units and I would happily recommend them to others who are looking for portable scene lighting equipment."

Nomad Accessories

Wall Clamps for Nomad PRIME and Nomad 360

Wall clamps for FoxFury Nomad PRIME and 360

Set of two Nomad wall clamps for use with the Nomad PRIME and or 360 area lights. Mounts to any flat surface via #10 bolts (not included). Can also be mounted inside or outside of vehicle to use the Nomads as a vehicle mounted light. Quick release / secure design even if operator is gloved.

Nomad PRIME Carry Case

Nomad PRIME Carry Case


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