Speedtech SkyMate/Sky Master

Hand-held Weather Instruments

The pocket-knife design not only protects the unit when not in use but also ensures that the batteries are not flattened accidentally when the unit is stowed away in your bag or pocket.The jacknife case allows more precise wind speed and temperature measurements because the users hand is distant from the wind impeller and temperature sensor, to measure undisturbed air flow and heat/moisture won't influence the environmental sensors. Both the Skymate and SkyMaster are water resistant and have a high-visibility case. For the most precise measurements, it can be used with the optional wind tunnel, Model SM-WT; or tripod mounted using the optional tripod mounting fixture. The wind meters have been designed with a wind speed accuracy of better than +/- 3% and includes a 2-Year warranty.

SkyMate SM-18

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Speedtech SkyMate SM-18 Hand-held Weather Instrument The hand-held SkyMate weather instrument

SM-18 Features

  • Wind Speed
  • Displays current and maximum wind speed
  • Temperature
  • Wind Chill
  • Water resistant and float

SkyMaster SM-28

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Speedtech SkyMaster SM-28 Hand-held Weather Instrument The hand-held SkyMaster weather instrument

SM-28 Features

  • Wind Speed
  • Displays current, maximum and average wind speed
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wind Chill
  • Dew Point
  • Altitude
  • Heat Index
  • Water resistant and floats

SkyMate Comparison Table

  SM-18 SM-28
Current & Max windspeed1 Mph, km/h, kt, ft/min, m/s, BF x x
Average windspeed (secs) 5,10,13 10
Temperature & windchill 2 x x
Dewpoint 5, Heat Index 9   x
Barometer 6 with 16-hr graph   x
Altitude 7   x
Auto Shutoff (after 5 mins) & Tripod Fitting x x
CR 2032 Lithium battery x x
Two-Year Warranty x x

1 Windspeed accuracy +/− 3% from .8−89mph. Windspeed ranges are higher than specifications
2 Temperature/windchill accuracy +/− 1.8°F
3 Digital compass accuracy +/− 2°
4 RH accuracy +/− 3%
5 Wet Bulb, Dewpoint accuracy +/− 3.6°F
6 Barometer accuracy +/− .05 inHg
7 Altitude accuracy +/− 50 Ft
8 Density Altitude accuracy +/− 246 Ft
9 Heat Index accuracy +/− 4°F
* WM350 has 48hr graph & hour-by-hour history for all functions

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This product is all weather resistant

Speedtech Windmate 350

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